Grit games
Grit games is a game development company founded in 2013 by Nick Zorbas and Basil Nikolopoulos. It is the offspring of love for video games and years of academic studies on computer science.

We develop multiplatform games with crossover interactivity. Our main platforms include Android, iOS and Browser games. Grit wants to break the custom that casual games have to be enjoyed only by casual gamers, and engage a larger audience with its products.

We focus on quality and rapid development, pushing the limits of our teams to the max of their capabilities. If you think you want to be part of this team, if you think you are an exceptional individual with never before seen skills, please, do visit the Jobs , since we are currently looking for partners.

No obstacle is insurmountable and no game is unbeatable. In the end, True Grit wins the game!

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