Career at Grit Games!
Grit games is always looking for new raw talent, see if some Job description fits you!
To apply for a job, contact us with the job id found in the job description in the title, a resume and a cover letter at gritgamedevs[at]gmail[dot]com !
Mind you, Grit Games is a collaboration of people from all around the world, working from their homes, and as such no relocation will be required. This means, all interviews and contact will be done over the Internet.

3D model creator

Are you an aspiring youngster that always wanted to work in the game development industry? Do you think your models are top notch and don't get the recognition they should? Why not try the corporate world? Send us the model you are most proud for creating.
• Expert use of Blender
• Proof of knowing how to make 3D models
Points that would count in favor:
• Degree in 3D modeling
• Previous work at 3D game models Job ID: #3DGG01

Lead Story Concept Artist

Do you love telling stories? When playing tabletop rpgs your friends praise you for your great storytelling? Do you dream of other worlds and feel that your imagination is limited by nothing? We may need your help then!
• Example story about anything you like
Points that would count in favor:
• Previous work as story concept artist Job ID: #LSAGG01

We don't list your profession here? Fear not!

Send us your resume and your cover letter along with some proof of why we should hire YOU and you may make it onboard!
Job ID: #NLGG01

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